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Justice for All, Not Some

About the Candidate

Tiesha L. Smith

Tiesha Smith has dedicated her career to public service. Immediately after graduating from Law School, Tiesha Smith worked as a Prosecutor for the Chicago Public Schools. In that position she represented the School Board in administrative hearings for truancy and expulsion cases.

She further gained invaluable experience as an Associate Attorney for an insurance defense litigation firm where she successfully handled her cases from initial investigation through arbitration, trial preparation, pleadings, motions, discovery, depositions, research and actual courtroom representation.

Moreover, while working at the Chicago legal clinic, as a mediation attorney, She assisted homeowners struggling to save their homes from foreclosure. It wasn’t until 2010 that she  landed a job as an Assistant Public Defender.

As an attorney in the Child Protection Unit, Tiesha’s primary goal was to reunite mothers with their children who were placed in DCFS custody. In her current assignment in the Felony Trial Division, she performs extensive legal research and discovery review, conduct factual analysis and write motions in her representation of clients charged with serious felony offenses. This assignment has armed her with extensive courtroom experience, including arraignments, probation revocations, oral argument of motions, voir dire examination, and all aspects of trial and post-trial motions.

In her experience as an attorney, Tiesha has tried numerous civil and criminal bench and jury trials in her representation of over a thousand clients. It is this extensive courtroom and litigation experience, combined with the knowledge and tools she has accumulated throughout her varied practice background, that has prepared and qualified her to become an effective Judge in any area of law. Her commitment to justice for everyone has been a lifelong commitment, Through life experiences both in and out of the courtroom, Tiesha’s true empathy to treat everyone with respect and her innate desire to provide a fair and just result from every hearing has only been reinforced by her unique opportunities to observe the various styles and dispositions of many Judges throughout Cook County.

Tiesha’s takeaway from these observations is not only the evaluation of what does and doesn’t work, but just as importantly that Justice depends on not only the laws, but on who interprets them. Tiesha’s education, experiences and observations have all helped shape the kind of Judge she wants to become – committed to Justice for all, not just for some.