Vote Tiesha Smith for Judge
Justice for All, Not Some


Tiesha Smith was born and raised in the Madden Park Housing projects where she had a front row seat to the systematic injustice and illegal activities that are still plaguing our communities today. As a child, Tiesha felt helpless to do anything about those issues and learned at an early age that knowledge is power.

Despite her longing to become a lawyer, her drive to move her young son and mother out of the projects was more pressing. So she attended a two year program at East West University in their Electroneurodiagnostic program and started working at the University of Chicago as an EEG/Sleep technician. After working in that field for 14years and moving her mom and son out of the projects, Tiesha decided to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Tiesha attended Chicago State University at night while she continued to work full time as an EEG tech. She excelled in College becoming a member of the Criminal Justice Honor Society.

Immediately after receiving her college degree she attended Chicago Kent College of Law armed with the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship . After finishing law school and passing the bar on the first try she became a licensed attorney. Tiesha worked several legal jobs including prosecutor for Chicago Public Schools, Insurance defense litigation and foreclosure mediation where she helped homeowners try to save their homes.

In 2010, Tiesha finally landed her dream job as an Assistant Public Defender where she currently represents people who are charged with serious felony offenses. She has extensive litigation experience, litigating well over a 100 cases.

She is committed to Justice for all and not some which is why she is now running for Judge. Tiesha promises that if elected she will treat all litigants who come before her like citizens of our community and with the respect that they deserve.